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On Special Offer at Picture Works, Stellenbosch

Herewith the list of special offers for February:

Pentax KM with Pentax 18-55mm lens: R6399
Fuji S5 Pro Body

(This is a Nikon D200, but with the sensor replaced with a 12 Million Pixel Fuji Super SR Pro CCD, giving over 13 stops dynamic range, which is 40% higher than the Nikon D300 or Canon EOS 5 & 50. Uses Nikon lenses and accessories) (I use a S5 Pro myself and would not change it for anything else)

Sigma 70-300 DG Macro (All mounts) (1/2 life size macro, HSM motor for Nikon D40 & D60) R1799
Pretec 4GB SD Memory Card R219
Pretec USB Flash drives 2GB R105
4GB R165
Manfrotto 190X tripod with 804 pan-and-tilt head R2549
Hahnel TC Compact charger with 4x 2700MaH AA batteries R155
Tasco Space Station 76×700 reflector telescope R2699
Bushnell 8×42 Excursion binoculars with free 3watt LED rugged metal torch R3399
Pentax 8×40 XCF Binoculars (30 yr guarantee) R769
Gretag Macbeth Huey monitor calibrator R2095
A number of members were interested in the Lowepro Photo Trekker we had on special last month, but found it to be too big. We therefore have 3 smaller bags on special in February
Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW R689
Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Backpack R1200
Lowepro Mini Trekker AW Backpack R1300

Your Complete Guide to Photo Backups

Your Complete Guide to Photo Backups

Backing up photos is one of the most critical (ongoing) tasks for photographers, both amateur and professional. The “computer age” has been a blessing, allowing us to store and share huge amounts of digital photos. But that blessing has created the need to protect those delicate digital files, and many people have learned the consequences of not doing so.

No Matter How Little You Know About Technology, Someone Will Always Know Less

Via gizmodo < FAILBlog

How to Dodge & Burn in Photoshop

How to Dodge & Burn in Photoshop

A video showing you how to non-destructively dodge and burn on a layer in Photoshop.

Free 10-Week Photoshop Course

CreativeTechs Tips » Free 10-Week Photoshop Course.

I’d like to take a break from our normal tips format to announce something big. In two weeks, CreativeTechs is kicking off a free, 10-week, worldwide, Photoshop course.

Jason Hoppe, our Adobe Certified Instructor, has designed a comprehensive course that covers Photoshop CS4 in detail. If you’ve been meaning to improve your Photoshop skills, now is the perfect opportunity:

Week 1, Feb 26 – Interface, Tools, and Shortcuts
Week 2, Mar 5 – Photoshop Layers
Week 3, Mar 12 – Selections
Week 4, Mar 19 – Advanced Selections
Week 5, Mar 26 – Masks
Week 6, Apr 2 – Pen Tool / Shape Layers
Week 7, Apr 9 -Drawing Tools / Brushes
Week 8, Apr 16 – Retouching
Week 9, Apr 23 – Color Correction pt 1
Week 10, Apr 29 – Color Correction pt 2

Visit the link to enroll or read more about this.