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Lightroom 2.3 and Camera Raw 5.3

Adobe has released final versions of Lightroom 2.3 and Camera Raw 5.3.

The new version of the Camera Raw plug-in replaces the original one that was installed with Photoshop CS4, Photoshop Elements 7.0; and Premiere Elements 7.0.

Downloads are available here.


So What’s Wrong With a Little Photoshop?

PhotoWalkPro » So What’s Wrong With a Little Photoshop?

I find it funny how, in this age of digital cameras, people still see the need to criticize for the use of Photoshop. Show off a great image and someone is bound to say “Oh sure, but they probably used Photoshop!” Well I say, SO WHAT.

Shooting Flowers Without a Studio

PhotoWalkPro » Shooting Flowers Without a Studio

There are times when the best studio setup is no studio at all. What I mean by this is that there are times when you don’t need a room full of fancy lighting equipment and backgrounds. Sometimes the best light is the one that is shining overhead most every day.

Why Lenses Are the Real Key to Stunning Photos

Giz Explains: Why Lenses Are the Real Key to Stunning Photos

When most of us talk digital cameras, we talk megapixels, ISO, image noise, shot-per-second speed and image processing. We’re tech geeks. But really, none of that stuff matters as much as your camera’s lens.

AV Corner — March

An AV sequence is a series of photos that form a unit, which are connected by a subject and/or a photo technique.

The Zoom Technique

The photo sequence begins from a distance and moves closer to the object, or vice versa.

Overview to detail
Detail to overview
Black hair
Nara fruit

Wings Platinum 3

Here are the keyboard shortcuts we used for the demonstrations of the in-screen editing at the AV meeting in February:

Please note that the functions described as follows are only referring to what we did on Wednesday. We will look at more options at our next meeting.

  • Keep down P, click inside the pre-view screen once and turn the mouse wheel to change the size of screen display.
  • Keep down S, click inside the screen once to activate the in-screen editing. A yellow frame with handles will be visible.
  • Keep down V while moving the picture in a vertical direction only.
  • Keep down H while moving the picture in a horizontal direction only.

Editing of zoom positions with key frames:

Once a zoom position is set keep down one of the following short cut keys and click once the pre-view screen to copy the values.

  • C for Constant position for the object
  • B for key frame values constant from Beginning
  • E for key frame values constant to End

PS: The ‘toolbar for the object editing’ in the Wings program window (blue icons next to the Explorer window) are the basis for the short cut keys.

Are you looking for a very helpful way to learn more about Wings???

Have a look at the Video Tutorials on the Wings DVD. There is an option to download them to your PC to have them handy whenever you need some inspiration.

Information for this post was supplied by Irmel Dunaiski.