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Get to know your camera outing — 2 May 2009

Around 2pm on Saturday 2nd May 2009, a number of us met up on Paddy’s farm for an afternoon of learning and teaching each other how to achieve various things with our cameras. Those present were Paddy herself, Irmel Dunaiski, Bernard Seymour-Hall, Liz Atkins, Noeleen Kutash, Steve Crane and Gavin and Denise Whiteford.

We spent some time around Paddy’s studio with the more knowledgeable/experience members answering questions from those less so. There was also much shooting of macro shots, both of flowers and various items that Paddy had set up under lights. Around 4pm we had some tea and coffee then wandered off down past an empty dam that is being raised. I took this photo on the way.

There were some earth-moving machines parked there and Paddy suggested this might be an opportunity to take some shots for the “Small parts of big things” subject that is coming up later in the year.

After a while spent around these monsters we continued on past the dam to a little bluegum forest where we were able to shoot some abstracts by panning our cameras at a slow shutter speed.

After leaving the forest we headed back to the house and stood chatting for a while as the sun was setting.


Audio-Visual Meeting Wed. 29th April ‘09

Nettie was not able to attend the April AV meeting so writing this has fallen to me, hence the delay in posting it. I didn’t make any notes that I can draw on for writing this so please excuse any omissions or errors I might make.

We started off watching an AV by Noeleen Kutash, her first one ever and everyone agreed that it was very well done for a first attempt. Neels Beyers brought along one or two AVs but the details escape me right now. Johan Beyers was visiting from Paarl again and I think many members hope he will continue to be a regular visitor. He showed us an inspiring AV made from landscape photos he took on a recent trip to the USA. It was full of buttes, mesas, canyons, arches and other incredible landscape features; also featured were some ancient cliff dwellings that Noeleen informed us were used by the Anasazi. André du Toit showed an AV made from images he took at a bird photography workshop in the Kalahari; he also brought us a box of his delicious apples.

After tea Irmel demonstrated how to incorporate movement into AVs using Wings Platinum. Although her demonstration used multiple picture tracks, she explained that the same effect can be achieved with the single picture track of the free basic version that many of us use.

8 Simple Free Photoshop Alternatives that are under 2 MB

8 Simple Free Photoshop Alternatives that are under 2 MB | MakeUseOf.com

There are hundreds of free image editors out there for your computer, many of which are known as “bloatware” since they are bloated with unecessary features. Sometimes you just want a light, simple program that doesn’t take forever to load and will let you do a few simple tasks. Well, here is a list of 8 simple free Photoshop alternatives under 2MB that will save you time and headache.