Get to know your camera outing — 2 May 2009

Around 2pm on Saturday 2nd May 2009, a number of us met up on Paddy’s farm for an afternoon of learning and teaching each other how to achieve various things with our cameras. Those present were Paddy herself, Irmel Dunaiski, Bernard Seymour-Hall, Liz Atkins, Noeleen Kutash, Steve Crane and Gavin and Denise Whiteford.

We spent some time around Paddy’s studio with the more knowledgeable/experience members answering questions from those less so. There was also much shooting of macro shots, both of flowers and various items that Paddy had set up under lights. Around 4pm we had some tea and coffee then wandered off down past an empty dam that is being raised. I took this photo on the way.

There were some earth-moving machines parked there and Paddy suggested this might be an opportunity to take some shots for the “Small parts of big things” subject that is coming up later in the year.

After a while spent around these monsters we continued on past the dam to a little bluegum forest where we were able to shoot some abstracts by panning our cameras at a slow shutter speed.

After leaving the forest we headed back to the house and stood chatting for a while as the sun was setting.

Published by Steve Crane

Programmer and amateur photographer.

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