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Competition Winners — May 2009

Here are the winners of the May competition for which the set subject was City Life.

Please note that only digital images are available for display.


Set Subject

  1. Living High
    Brenda Botha
  2. Creeping Mist in the City
    Neels Beyers
  3. City Dog
    Paddy Howes


  1. Quiver Bark
    Johan Beyers
  2. Sacred Ibis
    Neels Beyers
  3. Double Landing
    Neels Beyers

Projected Images

Set Subject

  1. Framed Work
    Eric Palmer
  2. City Lights
    Neels Beyers
  3. City Lights
    Gavin Whiteford

1. Framed Work2. City Lights3. City Lights


  1. My Namibian Playground
    Nicole Palmer
  2. Burning Stone
    Johan Beyers
  3. Bye Bye Bokkie
    Eric Palmer

1. My Namibian Playground2. Burning Stone3. Bye Bye Bokkie


Karoo Photo Workshop

Spend a relaxing long weekend in the magical Karoo town of Prince Albert learning how to get the best results from your camera and how to improve your travel photography.

Led by photographers, Samantha Reinders and Simone Scholtz, in addition to photographic training, the weekend promises delicious local food, the chance to meet other photo enthusiasts and enough time to kick off your shoes and relax a little.

Samantha and Simone will take you through the basic technical aspects of travel photography and provide tips and ideas along the way as they guide you in capturing the people and landscape provided by the exquisite Karoo. They have both frequently published in South Africa as well as abroad. Samantha (MA, Ohio University) recently published a book for National Geographic, (Travelers Guide to South Africa ) as well as Key to Cape Town, a travel book on the city for Jonathan Ball publishers. 2009 has seen her travel to New York, Burkina Faso and Namibia.

Simone (Bjournalism, Rhodes University) is an award winning photojournalist and works for NGO’s, magazines and corporate clients. She is passionate about travel and in February she completed a masterclass by the renowned agency VII in India.

Read the introduction or schedule documents or visit their websites for more information: www.samreinders.com and www.simonescholtz.com.