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Western Cape Interclub Photographic Competition 2009

Endler Hall


The annual Western Cape Interclub Photographic Competition will be taking place on Saturday 31st October, 2009, from 6pm, at the Endler Hall, Conservatoire, University of Stellenbosch in Stellenbosch.  Photographic clubs from the region will be displaying their best prints and digital images during the course of the evening.  Drinks and snacks will be served between 6pm and 7.30pm, when the digital show starts in the auditorium.  Tickets are R50 per person (drinks and snacks included), and can be booked via e-mail from nettie28@iafrica.com.  You are very welcome to attend!


September Competition Winners

Here are the winners of the September competition for which the set subject was Little Bits of Big Things.

Please note that only digital images are available for display.


Set Subject

  1. Bit of the Biggest Dune
    Paddy Howes
  2. Bit of Big Windows
    Paddy Howes
  3. Dust to Dust
    JJ van Heerden


  1. Starlight Painting
    Paddy Howes
  2. Gariep Sunset
    JJ van Heerden
  3. Quiver Tree Sunrise
    JJ van Heerden

Projected Images

Set Subject

  1. If Looks Could Kill
    JJ van Heerden
  2. Dew Drops
    Elsa van Zyl
  3. A CAT
    Roger Lee

1. If Looks Could Kill2. Dew Drops3. A CAT


  1. Morning Shift
    Marthinus Retief
  2. Glare
    Nicole Palmer
  3. Dawn Light
    Roger Lee

1. Morning Shift2. Glare3. Dawn Light

Print photos with date taken or other EXIF data

I use FastStone Image Viewer for viewing images and performing simple edits, resizing, etc. but this tip I just found is not something I’ve tried before. You might find it useful. The tokens shown in step 3 are just an example. Play around with the different options to arrive at your desired result.

  1. Launch FastStone Image Viewer
  2. Open photo directory
  3. Create > Contact Sheet Builder > Caption > click "…" at top right > EXIF DateTime ($Hx) > Date and Time ($H1)
  4. Save the output to a file (PDF, TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, and JPG supported) or send directly to printer.

From TinyApps.Org