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Outing: University Stellenbosch ‘Jool’

Sat 23rd January 2010. 

Those who could make it (Irmel, Paddy, Marius, Hilde, Nettie, Michele, Rosie, Denise, David and Celine – hope I haven’t left anyone out!) met in front of JJ’s shop, and then spread out a bit to wait for the float parade. At last the flag-waving majorettes arrived, with a ‘Kaapse Klopse’ band in tow, followed by floats of every colour and description with students in various stages of dress (or undress) dancing around pleading for ‘geldjies’ … The students’ energy – even after building their floats the previous night – was amazing to behold … many of them must have collapsed the rest of the weekend. After the parade, quite a few of us gathered at ‘Cape to Cuba’ for a savannah or two – out of the sweltering heat – what a relief!  Here are a few pics ….! 


Wicus Leeuwner and JJ van Heerden Workshops

You are invited to join us in… Two 2010 Photographic Workshops! Come and meet old friends … or make new ones! with Wicus Leeuwner & JJ van Heerden Your choice of two workshops: Cederberg : Monday 19 April to Friday 23 April (less than 4 months away- secure YOUR place now!) Overberg : Wednesday 20 October to Sunday 24 October ” I will never forget the wonderful experience of your Cederberg workshop We were all inspired by a new understanding of photographic design and techniques. The organisation was superb with absolutely nothing forgotten!” Marianne – Durban Over the last twelve years the photographic workshops presented by Wicus and JJ have grown into highly sought-after photographic experiences in South Africa. Two passionate and creative photographers with a proven track record present the workshops. And the workshops are always fully booked! There are (pleasant) surprises in store for participants at each of the workshops… The workshops are aimed at photographers wishing to find a creative way of improving their photography by using artistic and design principles. Both beginner and experienced photographers will benefit. The workshops are presented in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, allowing individual freedom of expression. There is a combination of lectures, practical work and evaluation. ***The workshop fees include all accommodation, meals and teas. The all-inclusive cost of the Overberg workshop is R5500 per person and for the Cederberg workshop R6500 per person (R6000 single). This makes it amongst the most affordable of photographic courses in South Africa. Non-participants: R4100 per person – this includes all meals and accommodation. (You will also be most welcome to join the photographers on field outings and to attend the audio-visual shows in the evenings) A limited number of participants will be accepted. Due to the popularity of these workshops, early booking is essential! “Thanks for facilitating such a great course. I enjoyed every single moment ”. Renate – Cape Town Cederberg The four-star Mount Ceder Lodge is situated in a valley surrounded by the Cederberg and Koue Bokkeveld mountain ranges. Located on Grootrivier farm, across the main route through the Cederberg, approximately 95 km north of Ceres and south of Clanwilliam. The area offers peace and tranquillity, with beautiful scenery and a perennial river that flows through the farm. There is abundant opportunity for mountain climbing, bird watching, walking, horse riding, and mountain biking, fishing, canoeing and swimming in clear river pools. Lots of rock paintings to explore. Come and explore the spectacular rugged beauty of the Cederberg with us! This pristine wilderness area is known for the majestic rock formations and unrivalled plant life – a great venue for landscape photography. Overberg The Overberg workshop is presented at Volmoed, a retreat in the picturesque Hemel and Aarde Valley between Caledon and Hermanus. Accommodation is in rustic three-bedroomed stone cottages with a shared bathroom in each cottage. We provide single rooms for all participants, unless you would prefer to share. The retreat is situated in a secluded valley next to a mountain stream with beautiful pools and waterfalls along its course. The coastline in this area is the Cape’s most popular holiday destination with spectacular seascapes and tidal pools. During this time of the year the fynbos is in full flower and presents numerous photographic opportunities. On the other side of the valley the wheat harvest will be in full swing, creating spectacular geometric patterns over the rolling hills. The daily programme will consist of an early morning excursion, followed by brunch. After brunch participants view the photographs taken the previous day and select images for evaluation. Evaluation is followed by another excursion lasting until after sunset. *** Whale – Watching by boat! We work in conjunction with a highly-respected operator where the welfare and comfort of the whales comes first. As an optional extra we will arrange an early morning two-hour trip to photograph the whales in Walker Bay. It is a remarkable experience that you will treasure – even if you do not take a single picture! The fee for this will be a very reasonable R400. “Wicus and JJ, you have a rare talent to impart your knowledge and passion in a way which inspires and uplifts. Something that not many people today seem able or willing to do. I hope to have the privilege of joining you again for another workshop in the future”. Helen – Johannesburg Both workshops – What to bring: · Opportunities to use all your lenses will present themselves at the workshops, but a wide-angle zoom in the 28-80mm range and a telephoto zoom in the 70-300 range will be especially useful (if you have them). A sturdy tripod is essential for field instruction and careful composition. Polarizing filters for all the lenses is highly recommended. · Close-up equipment (see note at the end of this section). · A laptop to organise your images. If you do not have one, do try and borrow one for the duration of the course. We will assist you with working with your pictures. · Clothes for both hot and cold weather (and a jacket for the boat trip). The days are usually hot, but the evenings can get rather nippy. · Bedding is provided, but an extra towel comes in handy. · Raingear. (In the Cape you often experience three seasons in a single day!) · Comfortable walking shoes. While there is no serious hiking involved, the distances covered in the throes of photographic excitement can be considerable. Comfortable shoes or hiking boots will also reduce the risk of injury in rough terrain. * Headgear and sunscreen. · Note: The cost of close-up equipment scares a lot of people away from macro photography, which is a pity, as these workshops present some excellent macro opportunities. Fortunately, some inexpensive options do exist. Investigate close-up adapters, with a step-up ring to fit each of your lenses. They offer excellent quality and superb close-up facilities at 10% of the price of a macro lens. The normal close-up filters are not recommended, as the image quality is usually diabolical. Another option is to obtain a set of extension tubes. They are more expensive than the adapters, but offer better image quality. If you have any problems in obtaining any of the above equipment, or have any enquiries about equipment, you can contact JJ on (021) 883 3435 or 083 366 1515. “The venue and catering were superb for the purpose, and the learning experience for us was tremendous. Your teamwork in running an excellent quality workshop was first class”. Johann – Somerset West Do not delay – secure your place NOW! For bookings and further enquiries : please contact Johan van Zijl Tel/fax: 023 6251 593 johanvanzijl@telkomsa.net

Dance of Light Workshops 2010

    Macro Photography
       Dates: March… … … …   5, 6, 7

                  November… … … 5, 6, 7


 Autumn in the Vineyards 

      Dates: June … … … …    4, 5, 6  


        Face to Face

    Photographing people

      Dates: March… … … 19, 20, 21

                  September …  10, 11, 12


 Cost:R2950 per person with R1700 deposit.

         This includes meals.

 Venue:  “33 STELLENBOSCH”


CONTACT Nicole or Eric Palmer:


NICOLE PALMER                              ERIC PALMER
082 5105 694                                     082 697 9946
www.nicolepalmer.co.za                     www.flickr.com/photos/ericpalmer
http://nicole-palmer.blogspot.com        http://afreakin.blogspot.com             
www.desertlight.co.za                        adrenalinstar@hotmail.com

15 Tips for Low Light Landscape Photography

Capturing scenes in low light remains one of the most challenging aspects of photography, yet the results when executed well can be truly captivating. Whether it’s an energetic cityscape or ethereal seascape the possibilities are endless. Here are a few essentials points to consider before you begin.

15 Tips for Low Light Landscape Photography