• Information

    Click on the How To link, here or at the top of the page, for information on joining our club or if you are already a member, for information on how to do things like resizing and submitting images.

    Contact Us

  • Meetings

    Please refer to our programme for specific dates.

    Club meeting
    19h15 on second Wednesday of each month.

    BWI meeting
    (Black & White + Information)
    19h15 on first Wednesday of each month.


    Audio-Visual meeting
    19h00 on last Wednesday of each odd-numbered month. Held at a private home, use contact link above to request details.

  • Copyright

    Please note that any and all photographs displayed on this site are copyright of the respective photographer/club members and may not be copied or reused elsewhere.
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Sorting Images

Just a reminder; when you send in images, other than competition and evaluation ones, for display at the club you have to control the order they are displayed in. It isn’t enough to attach them to your email in a certain order; there is no guarantee that they will display in the same order, in fact it’s likely that they won’t.

You can make sure your images will be displayed in the order you want by adding prefixes to the file names; when displaying images we sort them by name so this will make sure that they are sorted correctly. Numbers usually make the best sorting prefixes although alphabetic prefixes, or a combination can work too. If you do use numbers make sure that you pad them with leading zeros; for instance if you have from 10 to 99 images, prefix the first nine with 01-09 rather than 1-9 as 10_Title sorts before 1_Title.

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