Beautiful black and white photography by Peter Levi

Beautiful-black-and-white-photography-by-Peter-LeviPeter Levi writes,

I love photographing real life, but it has to have an artistic feel to it. I prefer when, for example, street shots almost looks like they are staged but aren’t. Those are in my own opinion the best ones. When you manage to pull out the beauty of real life, a mood, a happening and make it into art, something people would hang on a wall. Then you have done your work right.

Almost all of my work is in black and white. It’s not intentional; I always make one color and one black and white version of my images. Then, I decide which one speaks to me most, which one is best for the image. Obviously I almost always choose the black and white version. I just love the dynamics of it.

I have a need to do both artistic long exposure work and Raw documentary photography. It is a bit like Yin and Yang. It gives me balance, and both genres satisfy my photographical needs.

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful black and white photography by Peter Levi

    1. This photograph is from the collection I link to so I don’t know where it was taken. There are many dams of varying sizes in the area around Somerset West. You just need to find one with something like the jetty in this one that can add interest, and use a slow shutter speed to smooth out the water.

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