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(67)You may have noticed the new Member’s Photos section that has appeared on the right of the site lately. It is a list of thumbnails of the latest ten images added to our new Flickr group. Clicking on any thumbnail will take you to that photo’s page on Flickr where you can leave feedback. The More Photos link at the bottom of the list will take you to our group’s photo pool where you can browse through all the images submitted to the group.

Unlike the old group the new one is not private but public, though membership is by invitation only. If you are sent an invitation to join and accept you will immediately become a member. If you haven’t received an invitation you can still join the group by visiting the group page at and clicking on the Join This Group. You will be presented with a page with a message form for requesting membership.

Simply send us a message asking to join, including your full real name as we may not recognise your chosen Flickr name. When we receive the request we will confirm that you are a club member and grant your request for admission.

Once you are a member you can start posting images to the group’s pool and taking part in discussions in the group’s forum. Although the group is public and non-members may view the images in the group pool, we have chosen to keep the discussion forum private so that only members can see it. You need therefore not be worried that outsiders will be able to read anything you post there. Image posting to the group pool is restricted to one image per day for each member, to ensure that a single member will not be able to post a large number of photos and flood the member’s photos gallery on the web site with their images.

If you don’t already have a Flickr account and would like to join the group simply go to and click on the Sign Up button. You will be able to create a new Yahoo account (did you know that Flickr is owned by Yahoo?) from scratch or by linking with your existing Google or Facebook account. If you have an existing Yahoo account but not a Flickr one you should be able to log in (instead of signing up) with your Yahoo account and a Flickr account will be created for you. Once you have a Flickr account, go to our group and follow the instruction above to join.

We hope that this new group will be of benefit to you and that you will not only post your images but also use the discussion forum to get help with all those technical and creative questions for which there is never enough time to get answers at club meetings. In particular we hope that this group will give our country and international members a forum to interact with the club when they are not close by and able to attend meetings.

Published by Steve Crane

Programmer and amateur photographer.

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