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    Please refer to our programme for specific dates.

    Club meeting
    19h15 on second Wednesday of each month.

    BWI meeting
    (Black & White + Information)
    19h15 on first Wednesday of each month.


    Audio-Visual meeting
    19h00 on last Wednesday of each odd-numbered month. Held at a private home, use contact link above to request details.

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    Please note that any and all photographs displayed on this site are copyright of the respective photographer/club members and may not be copied or reused elsewhere.
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Helderberg Photographic Society is based in Somerset West and welcomes anyone with an interest in photography.  We have a fun, friendly atmosphere and focus on the social aspects of photography, arranging regular day and weekend outings during which members can not only practice photography but also socialise and get to know one another.

HPS was founded in 1954 and is a member of the PSSA, but in contrast to many other clubs, we run our competitions on a purely informal basis.

We meet in the United Church hall (corner of Bright & Andries Pretorius Streets, Somerset West) at 19h15 on the second Wednesday of each month. Please refer to our programme to confirm dates as rare conflicts over hall bookings may sometimes require meetings to be moved.  Visitors are welcome to attend a meeting to see if they might like to join.  If you do come along as a visitor, please approach one of the committee members to introduce yourself before the start of the meeting.

We have two additional meetings each month. One known as BWI, for Black & White + Information, and the other as AV, for Audio-Visual presentations (setting photographs to music in a creative way). BWI meetings are at the same time and venue as our main meeting, on the first Wednesday of each month. They are split into two parts, with the first hour focused on black & white photography, and the second hour providing information in the form of videos, or talks from visitors or our own members. Audio Visual meetings are held every two months at the home of a member.

Should you be interested in joining you may wish to know that our annual subscription fees (for the 2019 year) are R400.

If you wish to write to us, our postal address is PO Box 3234, Somerset West, 7130 or you can contact us via our contact form or by e-mail at helderbergphoto@gmail.com.

Read a copy of our club constitution here.

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