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Is HDR a Fad?

20140427-134039.jpgNicole S. Young writes;

I recently read a blog post from someone who casually mentioned that HDR (High Dynamic Range photography) was a “fad”, and they were hoping it would eventually go away. Now this was, of course, a very opinionated statement, but it was not really one that was embellished with photos or even an explanation as to what their own definition of HDR is. After reading that it got me thinking, and I knew it would be a good topic to post here. So, without further ado, here’s my very own opinionated “rant” about HDR.

Read the full article

5 Lessons Vivian Maier Has Taught Me About Street Photography

20140427-123437.jpgEric Kim presents a fairly in-depth look at the fascinating photographic life of Vivian Maier, ending with some lessons he’s drawn from her work.

He begins;

A street photographer whose work and life I hugely admire is that of Vivian Maier. For those of you who haven’t heard her story, she worked and lived as a nanny her entire adult life– and shot street photography on the side for herself. She created incredible black and white and color work through the 1950′s all the way through the late 1990′s. She shot an incredible amount of images– that amount to over 100,000 negatives.

Read the full article

AF-ON & Back Button Autofocus: This may just change the way you shoot forever

20140201-205219.jpgFrom Petapixel,

Still autofocusing by pressing halfway down on your shutter release? Well, suppose I told you there’s another way that you might even like better? Sound interesting? Read on.

The technique is called Back Button Autofocus and it can really change the way you use your camera. Rather than autofocusing with your shutter release, you move the autofocus function exclusively to a button on the back of the camera. When you first hear about this technique, it’s natural to greet the idea with a bit of uncertainty, but once you get used to focusing with this method, you may never go back.

Read the full article

7 Steps to Great Black and Whites in Lightroom 5

From Photofocus;

Great black and white images require more than simply removing the color, and Lightroom 5 is a really powerful tool for making memorable black and white photographs. Take a look at this video to see the seven steps I take to make a terrific B&W image from any color image.

Watch the video, read the full article and find out more about an upcoming Google+ Hangout on the subject here.

Discover Lightroom

(31)Discover Lightroom is a new 6½ hour video workshop series that will teach you all you need to know about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Whether you’ve never used Lightroom before and wonder if you should be using it, or you’re an old hand and want to sharpen your skils, this workshop might be just what you need.

It is presented by Chris Marquardt, presenter of Tips From the Top Floor, the Internet’s longest-running photography podcast. Chris is a German professional photographer who presents workshops in German in his home country and in English in the UK and USA. He is also the driving force behind the Everest Trek, the world’s highest photography workshop.

Head on over to Discover Lightroom where you can read more about the workshop and view some sample chapters.

Perfect Photos Every Time

20140128-131340.jpgCJ Chilvers, who previously went by the moniker A Lesser Photographer, is an advocate for simplicity in photography. He believes there is no need for the gear phobia and pixel-peeping mania that abounds but that we can make great photos with the simplest of point-and-shoot cameras, or even with our camera phones. That we have seen a number of well-received camera phone images presented at our meetings backs this up.

In this blog post he presents a short five minute video of a talk he gave and also links to another article that the talk was based on. I found it enlightening to both watch the video and read the article. You’ll find them here.

5 Tips for Better Long Exposure Landscape Photography

David Cleland presents five tips taken from his eBooks. The first one is a good reminder to me; I tend to dive right in, set up my tripod and start shooting. He suggests instead, spending some time considering the scene before even getting your camera out.

Read the article
Get 43% off the price of David’s ebook bundle until 16 January 2014


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