Photograph Your Toddler

NYIP – Photograph Your Toddler

Want a picture-taking challenge? Well, if you are a parent, grandparent, or relative of a toddler and you are the “designated photographer”, you already know that capturing kids of this age with a camera is downright difficult. Why? Simply because toddlers often exhibit non-stop motion, have the attention span of about a nanosecond, and can emotionally range from hysterical laughter to hysterical crying, sometimes for no apparent reason.

Published by Steve Crane

I'm known as craniac or strandloper. I'm a programmer. I'm fifty-something, married and have two grown sons. I'm fat, lazy and don't get as much exercise as I should. I'm a keen amateur photographer.

One thought on “Photograph Your Toddler

  1. Hi, I have no problems taking photos of my little boy 🙂 He is almost three years old. Make sure your little one is kept busy. I find it is easier to take photos outside in the garden, when they have plenty other things to draw their attention away from the camera. I have taken many photos in this manner and have receive many compliments from total stangers, asking if I could take photos of their children. Patience and having fun is all it takes.

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