Helderberg/Hermanus Joint Evaluation Evening

Wednesday 11th February, 2009; Somerset West

Hermanus Photographic Society joined Helderberg for a joint Evaluation Meeting, which proved to be relaxed, friendly and most beneficial.  Some 80 – 90 people attended the meeting.  We were happy to also welcome the new PSSA Director for the Western Cape, Johan Kloppers, who was accompanied by Michele Slater (chairlady of Fish Hoek) and her husband Stanwell.  Ronnie Hazell headed the contingent from Hermanus. Max Leipold and Nicole Palmer were the evaluators, and were kept on their toes with about 70 prints and images to crit.  Resulting feedback has indicated that the honest, positive, as well as sometimes hardhitting evaluations, taught members a lot about good composition, over-use of Photoshop, image titles and focussing – to name but a few.  This was the first time that we have attempted such an evening, and in retrospect, we will, in future, restrict members to the submission of one image only.  Time ran away with us, and we still wanted to enjoy tea, conversation, and scheduled audio-visuals planned for after the break!  Hermanus showed four excellent av’s and Helderberg contributed two, by which time it really was time to go home!

All those who contributed towards the success of the evening, are thanked for their continued support, with special appreciation to Hermanus and Fish Hoek for driving out all the way to Somerset West.hps-13

                                               hps-10   hps-121     hps-4hps-3

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