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REPORT: CLUB MEETING Wed. 10th March 2010

At least 40 members and guests arrived for the competition meeting – the Set Subject being ‘Urban Decay’.  As Bernard previously said – it is not so easy to find ‘urban decay’ in this lovely city of ours … while he was out shooting he met a graffiti artist who has promised to take him and members of our club to various graffiti sites … we will apparently be ‘protected’ :-).

Steve will put up the winners in the various digital categories.

After tea we watched four educational videos on various aspects of Photoshop … always of interest, as much information covers questions we are too afraid to ask!

Our Audio Visual Meeting on 31st March will be hosting members of Hermanus Photograpic Society’s av section.  Even though you might not make audio-visuals, you are most welcome to attend these meetings, and I’m sure this one will prove to be most enjoyable.

An e-mail has been sent to everyone concerning our two outings in March, as well as other snippets regarding subs and the Cape Photographers Congress.  Please contact Nettie at nettie28@iafrica.com should you need more information.


Audio-Visual Salon

Please check the Magalies Foto Fun Club website http://www.magaliesfotofunclub.co.za  for details of their 2nd Audio Visual Salon taking place soon.

Competition Meeting Wed. 10th Feb. 2010

More than 50 people arrived for the meeting – quite a few were there for the first time and applied to become members.  Bernard welcomed everyone, and asked us to spare a thought for Paddy and Graham Howes, whose farm in Franschhoek was very badly hit by the recent fire.

The outing this month takes place at the Wijnland Auto Museum (entrance R50) which is situated next to the Cape Garden Centre (Exit 34 on the N1). Meet there at 9.30am and bring all your lenses, as well as a hat and a bottle of water!

With reference to the Rally which was to have taken place on Sat. 13th March  – please note that it has been moved to Saturday 27th March – meet at the parking area of the Taal Monument in Paarl at 9.30am.  Everyone will receive a list of clues/subjects to photograph (only one image per clue allowed!).  We are hoping to receive ‘throw-away’ cameras (with film and a certain number of pics), but please bring your normal camera anyway.

Another outing planned, for next  month, is the ‘Cape Carnival’ outing on Saturday 20th March – meet at the Adderley Street entrance to the Company Gardens (next to St. George’s Cathedral) at 2.30pm.

Our normal audio-visual evening will be held on Wed. 24th February – everyone is welcome.

The judges for the evening – Mary, Andre, Frank and Gail – had prints, slides and over 100 digital imgages to judge!  They moved it along at a good pace – results will be posted separately by Steve.

After tea, Roger Lee gave us a very well thought-out talk on the basics of understanding the technology of digital cameras – we thank him for being willing to give us this lecture, which, I am sure, helped many of us understand things we are too scared to ask!

Next month’s competition set subject is ‘Urban Decay’ … so let’s get clicking!

Report: Evaluation Meeting 13th Jan.2010

At least 50 people turned up for our first meeting of the year … it was great to see old friends, and to meet new ones!  Several folk have applied and paid for membership – we welcome you all and hope you will enjoy being part of this vibrant group of photographers!  Susan and Harry are back here again from France, and Nicole is back after her ‘Artist in Residence’ sojourn in Paris.  Bernard, as our new Chairman, started off with a number of notices, and Paddy and Irmel informed us of projected plans for outings and audio-visual workshops.  A number of prints came up for Evaluation – Nicole and Ken Woods doing the honours. There were many digital images submitted -the quality of work was excellent, and we hope to see this standard following through into this new year. Members seem to be experimenting more and gaining good results – keep it up!

After tea Steve Crane gave a short talk on two aspects of Photoshop – changing digital images into Black and White; and changing a particular part of a B&W image into colour.  Links to these techniques can be found here.

Details of the outings on 23rd January (US ‘Jool’) and 30th January (Full Moon) will be sent to members by e-mail.

Next month’s set subject is ‘Candy/Sweets’ – give it a try – you’ll be amazed at how creative you can be!

Audio-Visual Meeting Wed. 29th April ‘09

Nettie was not able to attend the April AV meeting so writing this has fallen to me, hence the delay in posting it. I didn’t make any notes that I can draw on for writing this so please excuse any omissions or errors I might make.

We started off watching an AV by Noeleen Kutash, her first one ever and everyone agreed that it was very well done for a first attempt. Neels Beyers brought along one or two AVs but the details escape me right now. Johan Beyers was visiting from Paarl again and I think many members hope he will continue to be a regular visitor. He showed us an inspiring AV made from landscape photos he took on a recent trip to the USA. It was full of buttes, mesas, canyons, arches and other incredible landscape features; also featured were some ancient cliff dwellings that Noeleen informed us were used by the Anasazi. André du Toit showed an AV made from images he took at a bird photography workshop in the Kalahari; he also brought us a box of his delicious apples.

After tea Irmel demonstrated how to incorporate movement into AVs using Wings Platinum. Although her demonstration used multiple picture tracks, she explained that the same effect can be achieved with the single picture track of the free basic version that many of us use.

Time to Make Your Music Legal

Time to Make Your Music Legal « Photofocus

As a photographer, I know what it feels like to have my images used without my permission. Those of us who earn a living selling photos are particularly sensitive to Copyright infringement. Yet, countless times, I see photographers using illegal music in their public slide shows. It’s time to put an end to that practice.

Reading this article made me realise that even if you show your AVs only at club meetings you should not use music that you are not licensed to use. Current feeling in the club is that using any music is acceptable if you are not going to show your AVs at public venues for which admission is being charged. Seemingly this is not the case.

Where can I get free audio for my AVs?

In his post Free Loops for Windows Jake Ludington listed some sources of loops and samples that can be used in making your own music. These sources might also offer sounds and music clips you can use in putting together your audio-visual presentations. Here’s what Jake said.

KVR Audio emerged many years ago as an excellent source of drumkits, samples, loops, sound banks and other tools for creating your own music. Many of the downloads are free and free of any complicated rights for commercial use.

Freesound Project is a collaborative collection of sounds and loops released under a variety of Creative Commons licenses. You have to check each track to see whether they are available for commercial use or not, but all tracks are available for non-commercial use.

BeatSuite (obsolete link removed) offers a bunch of free royalty free tracks. The BeatSuite offerings come with a couple of caveats. The tracks are free for non-commercial use. The tracks tend to be lower quality than pay versions of the same loops. Registration is required in order to access free tracks.

Meanrabbit offers a bunch of great sounds you can loop or use to build loops. Many of the sounds included are part of the urban landscape, from trains to telephones, but there are also some fairly unique sounds available too.