HPS Evaluation Meeting Wed. 9th June 2010

Despite the cold weather, some 40 members and guests arrived for the meeting.  Bernard had asked Sean Wilson – a professional photographer – to come and speak to us about his commercial and private work, and we were very happy to interact with him about his concepts and method of work. We thank him for being prepared to come out from Cape Town, and also for his sharing of different ideas with us.

A number of prints were evaluated by Sean, Rosie (the first-timer) and Antenie – they are thanked for giving reasons for their various comments … this is the only way that we can experience another angle on our photographs. 

Paddy gave a short report on the outing to De Doorns, which apparently was looking its best.  At next month’s meeting Steve will show the Rally pictures, and Kobus Barnard will be ‘Getting his Feet Wet’.  That will be on July 14th – see you there!

Please keep a check on our program under the Tabs at the top of the webpage.

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