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Worldwide Photo Walk: A second local walk has opened

There are still plenty of slots available for the Stellenbosch walk I mentioned in my previous post but a second local walk has been announced that will follow a route from Muizenberg to St James and back. This walk also has plenty of slots available so there is now a choice for locals. Bear in mind though that the walk has a theme this year of “Monuments and Historic Places” so if you want to try and stick to the theme, the Stellenbosch walk might offer more along those lines.


Worldwide Photo Walk

The annual Kelby Worldwide Photowalk is almost upon us again, and it’s the 10th anniversary year. The date of the event is 7 October 2017 and there is one local walk scheduled so far for Stellenbosch. Go and join this walk or keep an eye on the site for other walks that might be planned for the Cape Town area. Or if you have an organisational bent, why not offer to lead a walk yourself.

World Wide Photo Walk


Scott Kelby’s annual World Wide Photo Walk is coming up again soon, on Saturday 1 October 2016. There are currently three walks arranged in our area, all of which still have slots available. Take a look at the details of these walks and pick one you’d like to participate in.

  1. Sea Point promenade (5:30pm – 7:30pm)
  2. Cape Town City – Our History (9:45am – 12pm)
  3. Franschhoek Main Road (8am – 10am)

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2015


There is a photowalk arranged for Stellenbosch in the morning on Saturday 3rd October. It will be around Mooiberge farm stall and Root 44 market at the intersection of the R44 (between Somerset West and Stellenbosch) and Annandale Road. Visit the walk page for more details or to sign up for the walk.

Wedding Crashers

A recent club outing to the Wijnland Auto Museum coincided with a wedding shoot and several of our members managed to find their way into the wedding photographer’s shot.

Wheel of Excellence: Last Week

Under the WheelThe Wheel of Excellence at the V&A Waterfront will cease operating at the end of February before being taken down and moving elsewhere.

So if you’ve been putting off photographing it or riding on it, now is the time.

For details of operating hours and ticket prices, visit capewheel.co.za.

Thanks to Paul of the Cape Town Daily Photo photoblog for the reminder.

Gordons Bay Photowalk

Gordons Bay photowalk, 24 July 2010I have signed up as leader of a photowalk to take place in Gordons Bay on 24 July 2010, forming part of Scott Kelby’s third annual Worldwide Photowalk. Click here to learn more, or to sign up and join me on the walk.