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Your Complete Guide For Photographing Star Trails

People often ask how to photograph star trails, so here’s a useful guide from DIY Photography.

5689513133_0031d33089_mEver seen those pictures where the stars streak across the sky in a big arc? Or maybe the whole sky looked like it was spinning?

What you saw was star trails. The streaks were light left behind on the sensor or film from the star as it traveled across the sky in front of an open camera shutter. In fact, it only seems that way. What actually being recorded are stationary stars and the rotation of the earth that makes them spin. Kinda like you were standing on a vinyl record while it is playing. (yes, vinyl record, it is a form of ancient iPod).

For me, the images seem to have a certain magic or mystery about them. You must have heard a photographer talking about capturing that perfect moment in time. Well for capturing star trails you will need to capture the perfect hour or two in time. For such amazing looking images the technique to capture them is really quite simple.

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Stacking and Stitching: An Overview of Multi-Shot Techniques

From Earthbound Light

Cameras are tools. They can do a great job of recording what the world around us looks like, but they are far from perfect. There exist techniques for combining more than one press of the shutter to help overcome some of the limitations that exist in traditional single-shot photography. Some of these I’ve talked about at length already, and some of them I haven’t. Here’s an overview.

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6 Ways to Capture More Unique Travel Photos

In a Digital Photography School guest post Neil Ta writes;

There’s something to be said about having a nice collection of travel photos. They document not only your personal journey in other cities and countries, but also showcase the artistic side of your photographic abilities. Throughout my recent travels through Southeast Asia (and many smaller trips in years past), I’ve been able to capture some images that I’m quite proud of. The following tips have helped me take better and more unique photos when I am traveling or when I’m home:

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May Competition Winners–Projected Images

Here are the projected image winners from the May competition for which the set subject was Backlit.

Set Subject

1 2 3
Early Morning Mist Early Morning With Friends Chopper
George Frangs Elsa van Zyl Paddy Howes
20110511_s1 20110511_s2 20110511_s3


1 2 3
Rainbow Sossus After the Storm
Paddy Howes Nigel Mudge Eric Sumner
20110511_o1 20110511_o2 20110511_o3

The full list of projected image scores can be found in this PDF document

150 unmissable photography sites

Some time ago we posted a link to a post in which Haje Jan Kamps listed his favourite 50 photography web sites. But now he has upped the ante with a list of 150 amazing photography web sites or as he puts it “A ton of sites that’ll ruin your week-end”.

150 unmissable photography sites | Pixiq

Need to be challenged each day?

Do you find yourself not picking up your camera because you lack motivation or ideas of what to shoot? Consider following The Daily Shoot (@dailyshoot on Twitter) for a new challenge each day. They may just provide the inspiration you need to get shooting again.

Monitor Calibration

We have received a program from PSSA that can be used to confirm your monitor is correctly calibrated. We will be using this to do a quick check of the projector calibration at the start of each meeting.

You will find a link to download the program on our Resources page under the heading Monitor Calibration.