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Enter digital images

You may enter three images for competition evenings; either two images in ‘Set Subject’ and one image in ‘Open’, or one image in ‘Set Subject’ and two images in ‘Open’.

Please refer to Submit images for BWI evenings for allowed number of images on BWI evenings.

You may also enter digital versions of prints that you are entering.

You must size and name your images as described below and email them to helderbergphoto+entries@gmail.com to be received no later than 22h00 on the Sunday preceding the competition or review evening.

Image files must be submitted in JPEG format and sRGB colour domain. They must be no larger than 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. Note that images that are considerably smaller than this will not look good on screen and images smaller than 1024 pixels wide (for a horizontal image) or 768 pixels high (for a vertical or square image) may be rejected.

It must be noted that while we cater for the wide screen 16:9 format, the Interclub competition, at least for 2014, is still catering to the 4:3 format. Some embers may wish to take this into account when cropping entries for club submission as images that are formatted for 16:9 will fill less of the screen vertically when displayed at 4:3 than they would on their native 16:9 format. This will be particularly noticeable for panoramic images that fit the width at 16:9 but not the height. These will continue to fill the width at 4:3 but will appear to be less tall. This does not bother me but it might bother you, so please bear it in mind.

When saving the resized image, an appropriate JPEG compression ratio must be selected in the photo editing software to ensure that the file size does not exceed 1MB (one megabyte). File sizes in excess of 1MB may be rejected.

The following file naming convention must be used;

DX_name_title.jpg where:

D is O for open section on competition evenings (note this is a capital O and not a zero),
D is OBW for open section on black and white evenings (again a capital letter O and not a zero),
D is OP for digital versions of open section prints (again a capital letter O and not a zero),
D is S for set subject section on competition evenings,
D is SBW for set subject section on black and white evenings,
D is SP for digital versions of set subject prints.
X is the number of your entry in the section, 1 or 2.
_ (the underscore character) is a separator.
name is the author’s first name and surname separated by a space.
_ (the underscore character) is a separator.
title is the photograph’s title.
.jpg is the file extension, indicating a JPEG file.

Your name and the image title should contain spaces where appropriate and capitalisation should be used as you would when writing the title. Lengths are not restricted and you must use your full name and the full title of the image.

Examples could be;

O1_Mike Smith_Golden Gate.jpg

For Mike Smith’s first entry in the open section Titled “Golden Gate”.

S2_Penelope Eaton-Jones_Detail of Cathedral Door.jpg

For Penelope Eaton-Jones’ second entry in the set subject titled “Detail of Cathedral Door”.


Some or all of your submissions may be rejected without notifying you in the following cases;

  • If your e-mailed entries are not received by 22h00 on the Sunday preceding the competition or review evening.
  • If your images are larger than required in either pixel dimensions or file size.
  • If your images are too small.
  • If your image files are not named correctly.
  • If you submitted more than three images, or more than two images in either set subject or open categories.
  • If your images have visible watermarks.
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