BWI Image Submissions

Please take note of the following regarding BWI evenings

  • You may submit 3 black and white images in total
  • Only two of which may be DPI – both set or both open, or 1 of each

If entering prints, or DPIs and prints, the mix can be

  • 3 prints, or
  • 1 print plus 2DPI, or
  • 2 prints plus 1 DPI – both set or both open, or 1 of each

Refer to How to enter prints for details on submitting prints or follow the guidelines below for submitting digital images.

Send your digital images by email to ensuring the email will be received by 10pm on the Sunday preceding the meeting.

Images must be sized, formatted and named as follows.

  • Save images as JPEG files
  • Image height no more than 1080 pixels
  • Image width no more than 1920 pixels
  • File size no more than 2MB (2 megabytes)
  • Name files as <category>BW<sequence>_<firstname> <surname>_title.jpg where <category> is S for set subject or O for open. So for instance an open photo file might be named OBW1_John Smith_My Landscape.jpg.
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