Black & White Image Submissions

Please take note of the following regarding Black & White evenings.

You may submit up to four images for black and white evenings. These are;

  • One set subject digital image
  • One open digital image
  • One set subject print
  • One open print

Submit your digital images to the HPS Black & White event on the Photo Vault Online website as described in the Using for Club Entries document.

Refer to How to enter prints for details on submitting prints or follow the guidelines below for submitting digital images.

The PhotovaultOnline events will only accept images that conform to their HD definition that they describe as HD – Images must be sized with either the height exactly 1080px or the width exactly 1920px (2mb). Here is a further explanation of what this means.

  1. Images must be either 1920 pixels wide or 1080 pixels tall.
  2. If the image is 1920 pixels wide, then the height may be no greater than 1080 pixels.
  3. If the image is 1080 pixels high, then the width may be no greater than 1920 pixels.
  4. The image file must be a JPEG file no larger than 2MB (megabytes) in size.
  5. Although this is not validated, the image should be in the sRGB colour space to ensure consistent colour rendition across all viewing screens. If you leave the colour space as AdobeRGB, Profoto or other then judges may not see it as you intended.
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