HDR and Beyond – Seeing is Believing!

On the Digital Photography School blog, Gavin Phillips writes, What is High Dynamic Range Imaging? (HDR) HDR is when you take 3-5 or 7 photos at different exposure settings, and then merge them into a single image using speciality software. What you get are beautiful photos with incredible detail, controlled lighting and accurate colour. YouContinue reading “HDR and Beyond – Seeing is Believing!”

Cold and spellbinding: An alignment of planets in the sunset sky

This might be a good time to turn your cameras towards the night sky, with Jupiter, Venus and the moon converging on one another. Here’s a photo I took of a previous convergence, or conjunction as I believe the phenomenon is also known. Dr. Tony Phillips writes on physorg.com, The brightest planets in the solarContinue reading “Cold and spellbinding: An alignment of planets in the sunset sky”

Great race car photos, and more

On her blog, our member Noleen has posted about Stephan Cooper, accomplished car photographer. There are a number of photographs covering motor racing as well as some more personal work in the form of landscapes and portraits. She begins, Famed photographer and author Scott Kelby listed Stephan Cooper as one of “The Best five photographersContinue reading “Great race car photos, and more”