A Quick Introduction on How to Pick the Best Mirrorless Camera For You

The Phoblographer posted this article that those members considering a move to mirrorless cameras might find useful. With so many options out there and camera manufacturers introducing new models all the time, it can be tough for someone to figure out what mirrorless camera they should get. It all begins not by saying to yourContinue reading “A Quick Introduction on How to Pick the Best Mirrorless Camera For You”

Change in image submission guidelines

In accordance with the image sizing rules for the 2014 Western Cape Inter-Club Competition we are amending the sizing guidelines for submission of digital images for club competition and evaluation evenings. You were previously allowed to submit images with a maximum width of 1400 pixels, a maximum height of 1050 pixels and a maximum fileContinue reading “Change in image submission guidelines”

Why Curves is One of the Most Powerful Tools in Photoshop

Jason Row explains why the curves tool is one of the most useful and important tools in Photoshop. Members that attend the black and white meetings will have seen that this tool is available elsewhere too; for example in FastStone Image Viewer, where we sometimes use it to try adjusting images as we view them.Continue reading “Why Curves is One of the Most Powerful Tools in Photoshop”

Photo competition in support of Helderberg Hospice

Helderberg Hospice are holding a photography competition to raise funds. The exact prizes have not yet been announced as they’re awaiting final confirmation but they have been promised a camera as the prize for the overall winner. Once they notify us of the exact prizes we’ll update this post with the details. I have askedContinue reading “Photo competition in support of Helderberg Hospice”


In this article and the associated video, Zach Arias examines whether full frame sensors (35mm) are truly better than crop sensors (APS-C). His conclusion is that advances in APS-C sensors have made the difference negligible. Read the article to find out why he says this.