Partial Solar Eclipse

There will be a partial solar eclipse on the morning of 26 January 2009 lasting from around 07:00 to around 09:30.

From Solar Eclipse on 26 January: Astronomy 2009

Eclipse Viewing in Cape Town

On the morning, from 7 a.m., the Iziko Planetarium Cape Town will be setting up in the Museum Amphitheatre (in front of the South African Museum in the Company’s Gardens) to view the eclipse.

Telescope(s) will be set up, a number of free viewers and handouts explaining the phenomena will be available for the public.

As demand warrants, short planetarium shows will be run to illustrate what exactly is taking place and the difference between full, partial and annular eclipses.

More information, including the map below, can be found on the Johannesburg Planetarium’s site.

Partial solar eclipse 26 January 2009

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