Evaluation Meeting Wed. 8th April ’09

Some 40 members and guests arrived for the meeting. After the ‘Notice Board’ (during which we congratulated an understandably absent Nicole on her special birthday), we allowed Michelle Barnard to ‘Get her Feet Wet’, which she did with great ease – showing us her particular interest in ‘textures’.  Evaluation of prints and digital images was done from the floor, and the discussions were positive and educating.  A number of outstanding images were shown – good enough to be included in our Interclub ‘possibiles’ – let’s keep this up so that we have a really good choice when the time comes!

After tea we were shown a selection of images taken during the Gansbaai outing by Irmel, Paulette and Paddy – who was showing ‘digital’ for the first time – hats off to you Paddy! (See Paddy’s article on this site).

‘Questions and Answers’ followed, run by Steve who was able to elucidate on quite a few questions we hardly ever ask, but all want to know  – watermarks, copyright, orton effect etc.  We could have gone on all night!  If you would like to continue learning about the the answers to these sort of questions, don’t forget the afternoon ‘picnic’ outing on Paddy and Graham Howes’s farm as noted elsewhere on this site.

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