The Camerazzi Community

Nettie was sent the following.

Hi Nettie

I noted your photography club’s contact details on the PSSA website and thought I’d drop you line on a very interesting new online community for ‘the shutterbugs of this world.’

My name is Pikkie Wolmarans and I am the Editor of a delightful new website “The Camerazzi Community” where we endeavor to provide everyone with a camera, from the very beginner to advanced enthusiasts, with an informal, social yet educational virtual meeting place where we play the game, learn and advance our photographic skills.

What started out as a small interest group, is rapidly developing into an online platform for all digital photography enthusiasts, providing them with an opportunity to ‘go online clubbing 24/7’

The site is non-commercial and we have no other interest than providing a platform for amateur photographers to post their photos, comment, crit and discuss the posts and maybe get some valuable tips on various aspects of the digital game we play.

Participation is free and requires no registration – which means that anyone can visit, post photos and comments whenever they want to.

We do not rate photographers or their skills but simply comment on and/or critique all photos posted to the site at face value and as such provide a valuable soundboard for enthusiasts to get some second and third opinions on their photos and also an opportunity to be advised on possible improvement.

It would be most appreciated if you could share the above information with your members, possibly in an e-mail, your newsletter or at a club meeting and invite them to pay us an online visit and see for themselves what’s happening at the place “where shutterbugs unite to share their wisdom, skills and resources.”

En aan ons Afrikaanse mense daarbuite – ons gooi die Taal! Afrikaanse korrespondensie is welkom, maar ter wille van globale aard van die webwerf, moet ons dit noodwendig in Brits bedryf.

Dankie/Thank You


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Programmer and amateur photographer.

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