Outing: University Stellenbosch ‘Jool’

Sat 23rd January 2010. 

Those who could make it (Irmel, Paddy, Marius, Hilde, Nettie, Michele, Rosie, Denise, David and Celine – hope I haven’t left anyone out!) met in front of JJ’s shop, and then spread out a bit to wait for the float parade. At last the flag-waving majorettes arrived, with a ‘Kaapse Klopse’ band in tow, followed by floats of every colour and description with students in various stages of dress (or undress) dancing around pleading for ‘geldjies’ … The students’ energy – even after building their floats the previous night – was amazing to behold … many of them must have collapsed the rest of the weekend. After the parade, quite a few of us gathered at ‘Cape to Cuba’ for a savannah or two – out of the sweltering heat – what a relief!  Here are a few pics ….! 

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