Full Moon Outing Sat.30th Jan.2010

Despite it being incredibly windy – and later, very cold – quite a few members ventured to the top of Signal Hill – Bernard, Irmel, Paddy, David and Celine, John and Liz, Marius, Caroline, Harry and Susan, Marisa and Neil, Rosie, Kina, and Nettie.  Neels was also there with a small group from CTPS. Those who met in the BOE carpark first went to the top of the building to shoot a few cityscapes; after that it was onward and upward to Signal Hill. Lions Head was inundated with climbers carrying torches … they looked like fireflies on the way down later on. Following two huge Golden Arrow busses – who then disgorged their many passengers while blocking the road – was not my idea of fun, but we eventually found some parking and settled down with cameras and tripods.  There was a fair amount of dramatic cloud around Table Mountain, and enough interest in the sky to obtain good sunset shots.  Some of us spent all our time overlooking the Waterfront where we could make pictures of the Stadium, the lights coming on in the city, and eventually the full moon rising above a bank of cloud.  I still am not able to shoot the moon without it looking like a yellow splodge – all I know is that Bernard was doing some amazing stuff with his Nikon!  Eventually the cold got the better of us, and we all ran for our cars and a comfortable ride home! Thanks everyone, for making the effort – it was fun! 

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