Spyder 3 Express Review

Spyder3Express At the club meeting on Wednesday there was some question about calibration of the projector and members’ monitors. It was asked how much the hardware calibration devices cost and I answered that they start in the vicinity of R2,000 for the entry level ones. It seems that I was incorrect; the entry level Spyder 3 Express that is suitable for calibrating CRT monitors and LCD/laptop monitors, but not projectors, is available from Orms for R1,399.

You can read a review of this device that should help you decide if it meets your needs or whether you might need one of the more expensive, more fully-featured models.

UPDATE: Please take note that JJ van Heerden, our technical advisor who runs Picture Works in Stellenbosch has notified me that he can match or better prices from Orms and other vendors. So if you’re thinking of buying a Spyder or any other equipment, it’s a good idea to contact JJ first. You’ll find his contact details under Sponsors in the right hand sidebar.

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