Lightroom versus Photoshop versus Camera Raw versus Bridge

From the Earthbound Light blog. Sometimes the question comes up as to why Adobe makes so many products that overlap each other in function. But sometimes the question gets asked a different way. With all these seemingly similar programs, which should you use? Here’s my take on sorting out what to make of Lightroom versusContinue reading “Lightroom versus Photoshop versus Camera Raw versus Bridge”

November Competition Winners

Here are the projected image winners from the November competition for which the set subject was Colour Coded. Set Subject 1 2 3 Colour Coded Shapes In the Pink Dreams of Colour Irmel Dunaiski Gavin Whiteford Florian Breuer Open 1 2 3 Red Giants Fiery Dawn Golden Glory Florian Breuer Rosie Burton Rosie Burton TheContinue reading “November Competition Winners”

14 Essential Landscape Photography Tutorials

From the Light Stalking blog. The theme of landscape photography repeatedly shows up in the most popular posts on Light Stalking and if the proliferation of websites and magazines specifically about landscape is anything to go by, then it is very popular among the wider photography community too. Getting started in landscape need not beContinue reading “14 Essential Landscape Photography Tutorials”

Fantastic time lapse photography

This appears to be a trailer or preview for a longer film that Tom Lowe is making about the American Southwest. He says about this short video, This is production footage I shot over the summer for my debut film, "TimeScapes," a modern portrait of the American Southwest. I used Canon and Red MX cameras.Continue reading “Fantastic time lapse photography”