Chromasia Blog

David J. Nightingale’s photo blog not only presents beautiful photographs but acts as a learning tool too.

One of the things I have learned from it is that I can push the boundaries more than I thought I could when processing my images. I came to this realisation via the show the original function on the blog. Often after looking at the photo and thinking it looked great I would hover my mouse over the show the original text and be amazed when seeing the original. Amazed at just how much the saturation and contrast had been pushed from the original. I now know that I don’t have to stop when I think I’m pushing my processing too far, but that I can continue until I realise my creative vision, even if this means that some others may think my image is over-saturated, too contrasty or not realistic.


Beyond this you can learn how the photo was taken by clicking on details about this image, which will display a new window containing not only David’s description of the photo but also a selection of the Exif information that gives details on the camera and lens used, and how they were set up. This window also allows you to leave comments for David; leaving comments on blog posts is always a good idea as it is often the only way the author knows the blog is being viewed or read.


Should you find that you can’t see the details about this image link but see the main site header instead, simply click on hide these links to hide the site header and reveal the blog header that let’s you click through to the details for the image.

hide_these_links copy

If you would like to see more photo blogs included in my Lots of Links posts along with the more usual instructional or informational links I usually post, please leave a comment below.

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