The Basics of RAW files {and what to do with the darn things}

Digital Photography School published an article saying Raw. It’s the ultimate test of someone’s acceptance of your status as a professional because it’s one of the first things that a mildly keen just-starting-out-er will pick up on in their search for photography knowledge. But even though it’s one of the first things you’ll likely learn,Continue reading “The Basics of RAW files {and what to do with the darn things}”

When It’s Okay To Break The Rules Of Photography

Digital Photo Secrets writes; We’ve spent so much time talking about what you should and shouldn’t do in photography that we often forget that there is a time and a place to break the rules. You’ve heard about the rule of thirds before, but did you know that it’s okay to break it every onceContinue reading “When It’s Okay To Break The Rules Of Photography”

Photoshop Elements 9 Finally Gets Real Layer Masks

Earthbound Light published an article that starts; Users of Adobe Photoshop Elements have long envied some of the cool features only available in the full version of Photoshop. Chief among these is true layer masks. There are workarounds to add layer masks to Elements, but Adobe has finally given in and added the real thingContinue reading “Photoshop Elements 9 Finally Gets Real Layer Masks”

12 Unmissable Tutorials on High Key Photography

High key photography is a technique that can produce some stunning images, but it may not be self evident to many people how to get similar results. The trouble is, where do you start? If you are interested in creating beautiful high key shots, here are 12 unmissable tutorials to get you started and aContinue reading “12 Unmissable Tutorials on High Key Photography”