A Brief Introduction to Lightroom

An article from Digital Photography School Since the first version was released over eight years ago, Lightroom has become the go-to software for many photographers, both hobbyist and professional. But if you’re new to Lightroom you may be wondering exactly what it does, what you would use it for, and how it differs from otherContinue reading “A Brief Introduction to Lightroom”

Updating your camera’s firmware

One of our members asked how to do camera firmware upgrades. First a caveat. Updating firmware carries a slight risk of malfunctioning that could render your camera inoperable. It is therefore widely accepted that you should only install a firmware update if it specifically corrects a problem you have or provides a new feature orContinue reading “Updating your camera’s firmware”

4 High Quality Photoshop Alternatives For Editing Your Photos

On Photoshopgirl, Kelly Anne Wills writes, While this site is heavily focused on Photoshop, there are some alternatives out there to explore if you can’t get your hands on a copy of the world’s top photo editing software, or maybe just want to try something different or less daunting. My friends have asked me severalContinue reading “4 High Quality Photoshop Alternatives For Editing Your Photos”

ImageMagick: a simple, scriptable tool to convert, edit and compose Images

There lots of software for customizing image files, but most of them are not simple and user-friendly. So if you’re looking for a simple and free customizing tool for images, check this one out. ImageMagick is a tool that can convert, edit, and even help you create image files, and supports tons of image formatsContinue reading “ImageMagick: a simple, scriptable tool to convert, edit and compose Images”

Faststone Image Viewer

Those of you that attended the Black & White meeting last night will have seen this application in action. Faststone Image Viewer is a free Windows application that is not only a viewer but provides fairly extensive editing features too. It’s perfect for playing around and experimenting with different processing ideas. While the old favouriteContinue reading “Faststone Image Viewer”

Hueless, a B&W camera app for iPhone

I follow A Lesser Photographer and an iPhone app mentioned in his latest newsletter caught my interest. If you like shooting black & white you might want to take a look at this app; I would if I had an iPhone. Hueless There’s a reason the best photographers embrace black and white. In the wordsContinue reading “Hueless, a B&W camera app for iPhone”