DSLR Pinhole Photography

With the next Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day coming up on 24 April 2011 I thought some of you might want to try doing pinhole photography with your DSLR cameras. This video shows how. There are many more resources demonstrating this on the Internet. Some take the technique further, showing how to make improved pinholes usingContinue reading “DSLR Pinhole Photography”

March Competition Winners–Projected Images

Here are the projected image winners from the January competition for which the set subject was Inspiration, where photographers were to make an image in the style of a photographer they admired. Set Subject 1 2 3 Lourensrivier Mono Moonlight Karl Chris Joubert George Frangs Paddy Howes . Open 1 2 3 Hunting Flowing PetalsContinue reading “March Competition Winners–Projected Images”

Wildlife & Nature Photography Workshop

ANITA DE VILLIERS PHOTOGRAPHY  2011 WORKSHOPS SOUTH AFRICA MUN-YA-WANA GAME RESERVE FIELD WORKSHOP WILDLIFE & NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP PRESENTED BY GREG DU TOIT & ANITA DE VILLIERS Date: 13 – 17 April 2011 Venue: Zuka in the Mun-ya-wana Game Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal Information & Registration: Please contact Anita: 082 8737345 OR adevill@iafrica.com Maximum number of participants:Continue reading “Wildlife & Nature Photography Workshop”