Bert Hardy Documentary

At the black & white meeting this evening we will be taking a look at British photographer Bert Hardy. If you would like to know more of his story, the video on this page is a documentary narrated by Hardy himself, in which he gives an overview of his career. I found it quite fascinating.

A Simple Explanation of F-Stop

This video, found via PetaPixel, is by Dylan Bennett, who says, This video explains the f-stop scale used in photography and video. It explains what f-stop actually is and why the f-stop numbers are what they are. I also give an easy trick for remember the entire f-stop scale. Dylan has some other videos explainingContinue reading “A Simple Explanation of F-Stop”

DSLR Pinhole Photography

With the next Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day coming up on 24 April 2011 I thought some of you might want to try doing pinhole photography with your DSLR cameras. This video shows how. There are many more resources demonstrating this on the Internet. Some take the technique further, showing how to make improved pinholes usingContinue reading “DSLR Pinhole Photography”