How To Make A Wee Planet

A panoramic photo is capable of showing a 360° angle-of-view all around. Such an image is difficult to print and see as a whole due to its extreme aspect-ratio. One way to show everything at once is to transform the panorama into a wee planet. This creates an unusually interesting image that looks like a small planet shot from above using a fisheye lens.


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Published by Steve Crane

Programmer and amateur photographer.

2 thoughts on “How To Make A Wee Planet

  1. Hi Steve,

    This article is a little misleading in that the polar coordinates method in Photoshop is not really a stereographic projection – it is actually just remapping pixels of an image on a 2D level and gives quite different results to a true stereographic projection on the same image.

    Regards, Peter Höhsl

    1. That may well be a sticking point for mathematicians but I don’t think it matters for photographers that simply want to follow the steps and learn how to make little planets.

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