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Google I Love You So Much I'd Plus One That

Thomas Hawk writes,

A few months back I wrote a post “Flickr is Dead.” When I wrote that post I didn’t mean dead literally, I just meant that the soul of social photo sharing was migrating away from Flickr over to Google+.

Over the past few months the tide has begun shifting even more. Photographers are moving in mass from Flickr to Google+ as their primary photo sharing network.

Just like the social crowd moved from Webshots and Fotolog to Flickr a number of years ago, the social photography crowd is now moving from Flickr to Google+.

There are a number of reasons why this is happening and in this post I’ll outline some of the key ones.

Read the full article


And The Picture Becomes Clear

I read a blog, (The Customer Is) Not Always Right that posts funny things that customers say and do. This photography related one appeared today.

And The Picture Becomes Clear
(The customer arrives very angry at my desk. He nervously holds a memory card in his hand.)

Customer: “I want a new memory card. This one is really bad!”

Me: “What troubles do you have with this one?”

Customer: “It only makes blurry pictures!”

Me: “Well, I guess the problem might be the camera, not the memory card.”

Customer: “Oh, and do you have memory cards in black & white?”

Me: “Or it could be the photographer…”

Black Friday offers from Craft&Vision


Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. On this day, most major retailers open extremely early, often at 4 a.m., or earlier, and offer promotional sales to kick off the shopping season. (learn more at Wikipedia)

This coming Friday is Black Friday and Craft&Vision, publishers of photographic ebooks, are joining in with their own special offer. Their already inexpensive books will be available at considerable discounts. An email from them said,

Special Offer this Friday Only
On Friday, November 25th at 12:00am PST we’ll be updating our website and launching a 24-hour promotion that will give you 50% off our new PDF eBook bundles, collections, and gift coupons.

We’ve packaged up a whole bunch of eBooks into discounted bundles that we know you’ll love – such as Ten and Ten More, The Inspired Eye 1-2-3, Chasing the Look and Drawing the Eye, Making Light 1-2, All Black & White. There will also be a few select collections available like The Print & The Process Collection and author packages.

And to help you with your gift-giving, we’ll have a $40 Gift Coupon that you can purchase for just $20!

The Deal
The 50% discount codes will be distributed by email and through our social networks. This promotion will expire November 25th at 11:59pm PST and are for PDF purchases only.

Happy Thanksgiving!
– The Craft & Vision Team

So make sure you visit their web site and sign up for email updates (at the bottom of the page) or subscribe to their Facebook page or Twitter stream so you won’t miss out when they send out the discount codes on Friday.

A Lesser Photographer


CJ Chilvers has published his manifesto as an ebook and started a blog under the title A Lesser Photographer. He says,

Photographers are being bombarded by content that has only further removed them from their creativity (and money). They’re aching for something to cut through the nonsense and remind them of why they fell in love with photography in the first place.

This is my manifesto; universal truths I’ve learned since selling off my fancy cameras and challenging myself to maximize my creativity by minimizing everything else.

If you find yourself nodding in agreement with these principles, I’m relying on you to pass the manifesto along to everyone you know who loves photography!

Download the ebook, then visit the blog.

November Competition Winners

Here are the projected image winners from the November competition for which the set subject was After Dark.

Set Subject

1 2 3
Where Witches Meet Contrasts Private Moment
George Frangs Roger Lee Peter Höhsl
20110511_s1 20110511_s2 20110511_s3


1 2 3
Wings In Motion Radical Arums Fuschia
Rosie Burton Nettie Warncke Chris Joubert
20110511_o1 20110511_o2 20110511_o3

The full list of projected image scores can be found in this PDF document

Photographers, Learn How to Build a WordPress Website

Harry, a member from France suggested that members may be interested in this information blogged by CreativePro.

CreativeLive is offering a three-day online workshop that takes photographers through the steps of building a customized website using WordPress. Amazingly, the entire course is free.

WordPress is the same engine that runs our club web site.

Read the full article

The Photographer’s Ephemeris for Android


We’ve mentioned The Photographer’s Ephemeris before. It was available on the desktop for Windows, Mac and Linux, but mobile availability was restricted to the iPhone. This has changed, with a version for Android becoming available.

Find out more in the web version of the Android Market or scan the quick response code below to open the app page in the Android Market app on your phone.