Please note the following: From January 2012, the number of images submitted for Competition will be limited to a maximum of 3 prints and 3 projected images (previously you could submit up to 4 prints and up to 4 projected images). Within each of the prints and projected images sections you may post a maximum of 2 set subject images and 2 open images; so you can choose to submit 1 set subject image and 2 open images or 2 set subject images and 1 open image.

In order to promote the submission of prints, JJ van Heerden of PictureWorks has offered a prize to be handed out at the end of 2012, to the member who submits the most prints during the year.  The prize is a voucher for a canvas print of one of your prints!

As we intend getting into Evaluation and Judging in a big way in 2012, the number of submissions for evaluation will be restricted to ONE image per member (either a print, or a projected image). In so doing, we will be able to give every submission the time and evaluation it deserves.

Published by Steve Crane

Programmer and amateur photographer.

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