Standards for submitting images

Please note the following requirements regarding images submitted for competition and evaluation. There are some changes (highlighted in yellow) that will come into effect for 2012.

  1. Maximum image dimensions are 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels tall, which equates to 1,470,000 pixels or 1.47 megapixels.
  2. Images that are too small do not project favourably and images should therefore be at least at least 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels tall, which equates to 786,432 pixels or 0.79 megapixels. Images smaller than this may be excluded. 
  3. Image files must be no larger than 500KB (kilobytes) in size.
  4. Image submissions must be received by no later than 10pm (22h00) on the Sunday preceding the meeting. Should a submission be received later than this, the email header will be checked and the submission will be allowed only it the sending date is before the deadline.
  5. Images should preferably be attached to emails as attachments rather than being embedded inline within the email.
  6. The attached image files must be named according to the guidelines presented in the How to submit digital images for competitions and evaluation evenings page. It is not acceptable to give your image files another name and provide the correct name in the subject or body of your email.

The onus is on members to ensure that their images adhere to these standards. Failure to adhere to the requirements may result in your images being rejected and excluded from the competition or evaluation. Remember that you can check that your attachments were sent correctly by viewing the sent email/s in your email program’s sent folder.

Published by Steve Crane

Programmer and amateur photographer.

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