How mirrorless cameras are creeping upon the DSLR territory

20131225-095147.jpgThe author is clearly a fan of mirrorless cameras, beginning the article with

Everytime someone says that a DSLR is the only way to get the best image quality, somewhere, a Kitten dies. Stop with the misinformed lies people! READ ON!

Having recently purchased a FUJIFILM X-E1 I’m impressed by the image quality I’m getting from it, considerably better than I get from my Canon 30D DSLR. Though to be fair, the 30D is seven year old technology and I have better quality lenses for the X-E1. But what isn’t explained by differences in image quality is how much more fun I’m having with the mirrorless camera. I really don’t miss the extra bulk of my DSLR.

How mirrorless cameras are creeping upon the DSLR territory

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