Entering prints

NOTE: due to lockdown no prints will be accepted until further notice.

  • You may enter three prints for competition evenings; either two prints in ‘Set Subject’ and one print in ‘Open’, or one print in ‘Set Subject’ and two prints in ‘Open’.
  • Please refer to Submit images for BWI evenings for allowed number of images on BWI evenings.
  • Prints must be mounted, but may not be framed, or mounted under glass.
  • Print must conform to the following Interclub sizing requirements.
    1. The ​minimum size of a print (without its mount) is 150mm × 200mm. (6 × 8 inches)
    2. The ​maximum size of a print (without its mount) is 300mm x 450mm. (12 × 18 inches)
    3. The maximum size of the mount board may not exceed 400mm × 550mm.
  • Prints may be commercially printed.
  • The name of the photographer, and the title of the print must be written on the reverse side of the print along with an arrow showing ‘which side is up’.
  • When entering prints for a meeting, please ensure that you arrive early so there is sufficient time for recording details of your prints, and so the judges or reviewers will be able to view them before the meeting starts.
  • Please submit digital versions of the prints you are entering. These will be displayed while the judge or reviewer discusses the image, enabling the audience to see the image up on the screen. Instructions for sizing and naming these images can be found here.
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