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    Please refer to our programme for specific dates.

    Club meeting
    19h30 on second Wednesday of each month.

    Black & White meeting
    19h30 on first Wednesday of each month.


    Audio-Visual meeting
    19h00 on last Wednesday of each odd-numbered month. Held at a private home, use contact link above to request details.

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    Competition prizes sponsored by

    (Johann van Heerden APSSA)
    49 Plein Street
    Tel/Fax: 021 888 1500

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    Please note that any and all photographs displayed on this site are copyright of the respective photographer/club members and may not be copied or reused elsewhere.
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Here is our programme for 2018.

Date Evening Set Subject
Wed 10 January Competition Food & Drink
Wed 31 January Audio-Visual At Irmel’s
Wed 7 February Black & White Skyline
Wed 14 February Competition Skyline
Wed 7 March Black & White Graffiti
Thu 15 March Competition Graffiti
Wed 28 March Audio-Visual At Irmel’s
Wed 4 April Black & White Wrinkled
Wed 11 April Review
Wed 2 May Black & White Solitude
Wed 9 May Competition Solitude
Wed 30 May Audio-Visual At Irmel’s
Wed 6 June Black & White Shoot it Square
Wed 13 June Review
Wed 4 July Black & White Gesture
Wed 11 July Competition Gesture
Wed 25 July Audio-Visual At Irmel’s
Wed 1 August Black & White Abstract Flowers
Wed 8 August Competition Abstract Flowers
Wed 5 September Black & White Seen from Above
Wed 12 September Competition Seen from Above
Wed 26 September Audio-Visual At Irmel’s
Wed 3 October Black & White Arches
Wed 10 October Review
Wed 7 November Black & White Forms in Nature
Wed 14 November Competition Forms in Nature
Wed 28 November Audio-Visual At Irmel’s
Wed 5 December Black & White Double Exposure
Wed 12 December Gala Evening Bring eats & drinks & glasses!

Competition and Black & White Evenings consist of a Set Subject section (as above) and an Open section – each member may submit a maximum of three prints and three projected images for a maximum of six entries per member. In both prints and projected images, you may choose whether to submit one set subject image and two open images or two set subject images and one open image.

The Open section is there for you to show those images which do not fall under the Set Subjects … they might be images that you prefer making, i.e. wildlife, landscapes, etc. Please try your utmost to take part in competitions and evaluations … it’s no use having a brilliant camera, and not using it!

Review Evenings – due to time constraints each member may submit no more than two images in total for review. In other words;

  • 1 print and 1 projected image or
  • 2 prints or
  • 2 projected images.

NOTE: Depending on our progress on the evening, it may be decided to cut reviewing short after the first image from all submitting members has been evaluated.