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3 Critical Criteria Of Any Image Selection Workflow

3 Critical Criteria Of Any Image Selection Workflow » JMG-Galleries – Jim M. Goldstein Photography

An often unspoken component of photography is image selection. How and why are certain photos chosen over others when reviewing results of a photo shoot? I’ve received questions on this in the past and D. Travis North (Self-Editing to Concentrate Your Workflow – Part 1) has asked me to share my insight to this topic with Kevin Oki (Editing and Workflow – Part 2) as part of a multiple-blogger series.

There are three primary areas of evaluation that factor into my image selection process: Creative Execution, Sharpness and Comparison & Selection. Below are examples and detailed thought surrounding each:


Specialist or Generalist?

Brian Auer of the Epic Edits Weblog asks whether it’s better to be a specialist or a generalist.  Are you a specialist that focuses on a certain topic or style or a generalist that shoots anything and everything?  Like Brian, I am a generalist and shoot just about anything.