Shooting Flowers Without a Studio

PhotoWalkPro » Shooting Flowers Without a Studio There are times when the best studio setup is no studio at all. What I mean by this is that there are times when you don’t need a room full of fancy lighting equipment and backgrounds. Sometimes the best light is the one that is shining overhead mostContinue reading “Shooting Flowers Without a Studio”

DIY Photoshop Brushes

DIY Photoshop Brushes One of the most popular searches involving Photoshop on the web is, perhaps not unsurprisingly, for free Photoshop brushes. Photoshop brushes can be used for a range of editing and creative tasks and while it’s fun to find and download great looking brushes it’s also possible to create them yourself and toContinue reading “DIY Photoshop Brushes”

Outfit Your Camera Like a Pro

Dealzmodo Hack: Outfit Your Camera Like a Pro (Hobo) Whether your camera is brand new or an aging holdover, you want to accessorize it, but you don’t want to pay. By now, you know the Dealzmodo Hack drill: Paying is for suckers. For decades, photographers have engineered little tricks to get the most out ofContinue reading “Outfit Your Camera Like a Pro”