This article from SLR Lounge looks at the differences between RAW and JPEG images and explains when and why you should use either format. They use examples showing what unprocessed images look like straight from the camera, and show what can be achieved from processed RAW images, particularly when the in-camera exposure was slightly off.Continue reading “RAW VS JPEG (JPG) – THE ULTIMATE VISUAL GUIDE”

DNG, RAW and JPEG: What I Use & Why

DNG, RAW and JPEG: What I Use & Why » JMG-Galleries – Jim M. Goldstein Photography Almost 5 years ago I wrote an article on the pros and cons of using RAW versus JPEG and why I was shooting in RAW (see RAW vs JPEG: Is Shooting RAW Format For Me?). These days the argumentContinue reading “DNG, RAW and JPEG: What I Use & Why”