Report: AV Evening Wed. 28th Jan.’09

A small group of members – including Harry and Susan who are once again out from France – attended the meeting.  Contributors were Neels Beyers who presented two AVs – one on windsurfers, and the other on kitesurfers … he is a master at nailing the action shots.  Elsa sent her AV on the Richtersveld (set subject slides by Paddy) using beautiful music from Lord of the Rings.  Nettie showed an AV on ‘An Overberg Stream’ – depicting the waterfall and stream running through Volmoed.  Furthermore, there were three AVs sent down from the Magaliesberg Foto Fun Club – one on the Richtersveld, one on ‘The Art of a Lily’ and one of a child eating an ice-cream. Finally we were shown a documentary audio-visual on the ‘Birkenhead’ – the informative and engrossing story of how the ship ran aground on what is now known as Birkenhead Rock, and of the men who sent the women and children out first in the lifeboats, knowing that they would probably lose their own lives with the sinking ship.

Irmel discussed audio-visual plans for the year – she and Paddy are finalising an excellent program which will shortly be put up on this website.

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