Some music sites

Noleen Kutash , one of our members, sent in this information about music sites.

None of the free music down load sites I use in the U.S. work in S.A. like my favorite one I did a general South African “google” search and found similar sites however they are not free but legal. I have not tested any of them due to my slow internet service and my lack of time seeing that I am departing on Sunday for a trip through South Africa. I suggest you visit the website and then decide for yourself which of these would suit your needs best. Rhapsody I believe cost .99c U.S. but may have a larger collection to choose from. Go Music I believe is 70c S.A. but I am not sure if there selection is all that inclusive.

I also included few free “software programs” here for your perusal. I used them in the U.S. and found them very helpful with the music files I downloaded of the internet.

Free Rip is a free site that comes in very handy it allows you to make any and all music files compatible with the requirements of the software program you are using.

For Example: Your software requires a WAV file format but the song you like is in a MP3 file format. All you do is download Free Rip place it on your desk top and drag the file into Free Rip and it will convert your MP3 file into WAV or vise versa and the best part… it’s free.

Then for the very creative daredevil’s go to

Here you can get studio quality “sound effects”, for a minimal fee, or regular sound effects completely free… so they say. I did not test if the studio sound effects part of this site will work in S.A. but I did test the free one and it worked.

Good Luck and have fun….

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