Audio-Visual Meeting Wed. 25th March ’09

This month’s task was sequences of zooms (last month it was ‘third images’), and next month it will be ‘dark/light images’ (where a dark section on the image is substituted by a light one, using the fading technique).  Nothing is as easy as it seems (!)… and one needs the time to play 🙂 … we carry on as best we can!  Irmel showed two travelogues – one featuring the city of Prague, and the other the city of Budapest – both contained excellent audio- visual work as well as beautiful ‘stand-alone’ images.  Clive Kefford brought along an audio-visual made by a renowned av-maker, Barry Beckham ( on Yosemite – beautiful images set to Tony O’Connor’s music.  Johan Beyers visited us from Paarl – he brought ‘pictures set to music’ on Botswana (some stunning images taken from the air), and is now going to attempt to learn Wings Basic for a more professional finish! After tea, Irmel took us through a few more tips on Wings … and sent us off with homework to be done (‘dark/light’).

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