June Competition Winners

Here are the winners of the June competition for which the set subject was Vertical Lines. Tony Bridge, a professional photographer and teacher from New Zealand was our guest judge this evening.

Please note that only digital images are available for display.


Set Subject

  1. Water
    Neels Beyers
  2. Line Impressions
    Paddy Howes
  3. Blue Gums
    Liz Atkins


  1. White Flight
    Paddy Howes
  2. Reflection
    Nettie Warncke
  3. Skoorsteen Veêr
    Neels Beyers

Projected Images

Set Subject

  1. Autumn Vineyard
    Rosie Burton
  2. Dripping
    Steve Crane
  3. Oak Forest
    Denise Whiteford

1. Autumn Vineyard2. Dripping3. Oak Forest


  1. Stone Waves
    Johan Beyers
  2. Spirit of the Seas
    Marthinus Retief
  3. Kubu Rocks
    Paddy Howes

1. Stone Waves2. Spirit of the Seas3. Kubu Rocks

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Programmer and amateur photographer.

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