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Judges for Interclub 2009



Helderberg Photographic Society is honoured to have gained the services of the following Judges, who will judge at Interclub 2009 in the Endler Hall, Stellenbosch on Saturday 31st October.


David Rogers

David Rogers loves Africa! He spent 9 years with Getaway as assistant editor, and during this time wrote over 100 features including 20 cover stories for which he won several awards.  He has started his own business and has photographed more than 150 lodges for a series called Safari in Style. As well as being called on by commercial clients such as Land Rover USA, Samara Lodges, and many more, David also offers workshops in various parts of the country.  He lives with his wife and two young sons, in Cape Town.

Clients include Steenberg Hotel, Garonga Safari Camp, Jacis Safari Camp, Wolwedans, Onguma, and many other top camps and hotels.

Preview Classic Safari Camps of Africa at http://www.davidrogers.co.za/docs/publishing.html
Join a Digital Photographic Safari on http://www.davidrogers.co.za/docs/workshops.htm
Journey through some exquisite lodges at http://www.davidrogers.co.za/docs/lodges.html
He is the author of the following recent titles: Southern Africa in Style (Africa Geographic 2004); Zambia in Style (Africa Geographic, 2005); East Africa in Style (Africa Geographic, 2006); Living Landscapes of Southern Africa (Struik, 2006); Indian Ocean Islands in Style (Africa Geographic, 2007); South Africa in Style (Africa Geographic, 2007); Classic Safari Camps of Africa (Hornbill Press, 2008); Winelands in Style (Africa Geographic, 2009).

Paddy Bouma


Paddy Bouma studied Fine Art at the University of Cape Town (BA 1967) and Lithography at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, (1968-69). She is an internationally published writer and illustrator, and recently illustrated the official picture book version of Nelson Mandela’s Long Road to Freedom for Macmillan Children’s Books (UK). Until recently she taught illustration and printmaking at the University of Stellenbosch.

She lives with her husband, Raymond, in Stellenbosch.



Diane Skinner


Diane Skinner started photography at an early age, learning from her father.  She is widely traveled, and from her home in Quebec, Canada, she has ventured across the Americas, Europe, Africa and beyond. She counts among her favourite places to visit

the dunes of Namibia, and the volcanoes on the Hawaiian Islands. She holds an APSSA from the PSSA and is a member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art. Whilst in South Africa this month, she lectured at the PSSA Congress held in Hermanus.


“Motion of the Ocean” workshop

“Motion of the Ocean”

Funky Fox Art & Craft Studio
Red Herring Centre and
practical on Noordhoek beach
Sunday 1 November 2009
(after the Country Fair)
Starting time is 17h00 until 19h00


Anybody with any SLR camera

Your camera equipment, with fully
charged batteries and extra memory or film
Your tripod (essential)
Pen and Note book


You will learn how to take AWESOME
photographs using a slow shutter speed,
to capture the movement of the waves.
Shutter speed and Aperture
ISO and White Balance
What filters to use and composing
your photographs.


R150 per person
booking essential

Peter Haarhoff 082 853 9939, email photocoach@mweb.co.za



Submitted by Noleen Kutash.

01From Left to Right;

Caroline: Head of Observations
Denver: Head of IT
Noleen: Head of Entertainment
Paddy: Head of Ways and Means (Graham her husband directly behind her)
Paulette: Head of Security, Treasurer & Shu Chef
Irmel: CEO (Peter her husband directly behind her)
Andre: Head of Information

And so it came to be that the fictitious board of the “Jacobsbaai Players” was established within the first few hours of us getting to know one another.  We would like to “shout out” a special, thank you to Graham, Paddy’s husband that unwittingly became our “head chef” after we tasted his “braaivleis” the very first night whilst celebrating “Heritage Day”.  Peter, we would also like to thank you for assisting and keeping our all important CEO Irmel happy.  As per usual, she went the extra mile to arrange everything with her typical German proficiency.

Most of us were quite perplexed upon viewing this monstrosity (see below) from afar as we approached Jacobsbaai and several, including “moi” thought it was an indecorous building.


This shipwreck was photographed by all, and Denver did a beautiful high definition version of this (not seen here) at sunset, a must see image.

Friday morning after breakfast, we left for Paternoster because… (read sign)



Harley Davidson from every part of South Africa conglomerated and we scattered all over town, in search of the best biker images.  Andre Du Toit’s “biker chicks” produced some of the best laughs at our “dailies” viewing that evening in the conference room.  Italian style dinner was served, compliments of Paulette and Irmel (Graham had the night off).   He had a lot on his mind after Paddy took off with the “leader of the pack”.


Thank God, it’s only Saturday and we had another day to roam the Wild West Coast.  There were 3 cars and it’s difficult, for the author here, to know what went on in each vehicles.  However it’s safe to say we all visited the same noteworthy places, because we kept running into each other.

The horses were one of our first stops and here Denver snapped this image of a lovesick horse with Andre, how can you blame the horse?


Andre also known as “bird man” led an expedition team of photographers into the salt pans.  We enjoyed, not the smell, but the bird life and proceeded to work our shutters overtime. Caroline, a dead-ringer decided that sitting on the roof of Irmel’s vehicle was just the optimum viewing pleasure and that in the bitter cold.  If there was an award for player of the day, it would have been a toss-up between her and Andre.  Who gallantly re-landscaped around the hideout at the nature reserve later that day, so a less experienced photographer, like yours truly had a better chance, at a birds eye view (no pun intended) and finally caught that all allusive pupil (image next page) Thank you, Andre.


Let’s not forget to thank sweet Paulette for being our chief of security, always making sure our cottages were locked-up and whose hands never seem to stop creating wonderful dishes to go with Peter’s entrees.  On-top of that she still had the wherewithal to create a spreadsheet and assisted our all important CEO Irmel in tallying each individuals accounting at the end of our stay.

The award for the most used name, during our three day weekend, goes to Denver. 
He always graciously answered to each and every call with his expert advice and knowledge and simultaneously took some of the best images of the weekend. 
Way to go Denver!!

Saturday night Graham made his famous “potjiekos” and it was accompanied by one of Paulette’s delicious salads.  Irmel and Peter hauled out heir projector and we had a viewing of each photographer’s personal 10 best images taken over the course of our trip.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing some of these pretty soon.

Thanks to each and everyone for making this a most memorable weekend.