November Competition Winners

Here are the winners of the November competition for which the set subject was Opposites, Yin/Yang, Oestrogen/Testosterone.

Please note that only digital images are available for display.


Set Subject

  1. Testing
    Irmel Dunaiski 
  2. Oestrogen/Testosterone
    Paddy Howes


  1. Overberg Landskap 
    Neels Beyers 
  2. Walker Bay 
    Neels Beyers 
  3. Ready For Action 
    Irmel Dunaiski 

Projected Images

Set Subject

  1. Pei Pyramid + Louvre Reflections – Paris
    James Simpson 
  2. Yin Yang Mask
    Roger Lee 
  3. Big ‘n Small on Watch
    Gavin Whiteford 

1. Pei Pyramid + Louvre Reflections2. Yin Yang Mask3. Big 'n Small on Watch


  1. Ancient Eyes
    Steve Crane 
  2. Fallen Petals
    Marius Swart 
  3. Purple Field
    Neels Beyers 

1. Ancient Eyes2. Fallen Petals3. Purple Field

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Programmer and amateur photographer.

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